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Cell phones are the currently most popular form of communication in almost all countries throughout the world. There are well over 5 billion mobile phones currently in use and the number is growing as technology gets better and the cost of production lowers. However, the main problem is the average lifetime of a phone battery is less than 10 hours with moderate usage. This becomes very inconvenient for the people on road or occupied with work. In the order to recharge their phone, people must bring wall phone chargers. The newest technology of solar phone chargers is a separate device that uses a small solar panel to absorb light and then transfer it to the phone. This process still forces customers to carry around another device along with the cell phones.

Electricity produces from solar panel-InTechnologies.in
Electricity produces from solar panel

Power Losses

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average solar cell efficiency is only about 12% to 18%. The power losses are substantial and can be explained by the analysing electromagnetic spectrum. When the solar rays are shined down, light is only a visible part of the spectrum. However, there is a broad range of wavelengths that all come within the solar rays which can be a problem when they absorb energy efficiently. In the order for electrons in the doped silicon to be knocked free, a specific amount of the energy known as band gap energy is needed. Photons with too much energy or not enough energy will not disconnect electron groups. The most optimal choice for band gap energy is calculated to be about 1.4 eV.

Block Diagram

The proposed system as shown in Fig consists of a solar panel that acts as the DC power source and is used to charge the battery. Battery discharge is the direct current signal. Wireless power transfers are the based on same presentation when the current conductor produces a magnetic field. This is the magnetic field that draws current voltage power throughout the second coil. The current AC is produced and transmitted by the transmitter coil. The current is received by the recipient coil and converted to the direct current by the transferring receiver coil out to the reset circuit. The repair cycle used in the system is the bridge fixer. The output of the bridge controller dc current is not controlled by passing through an electrical controller that maintains the constant voltage.

Block diagram of the wireless solar mobile charger-InTechnologies.in
Block diagram of the wireless solar mobile charger

Prototype Design

For the design procedure, we used an iPhone 4 as the model mobile phone. There will be the two different solar panels are used on the phone, one placed on each side. The back of the mobile phone will be completely covered by the solar panel. Anytime users are outside and want to charge their phone, they can just set it down with the back solar cell facing towards the sun and the phone will be charged. The front of the cell phone will also feature a solar cell. The plan is to place an ultrathin film of the solar cell within the layers of the cell phone screen.

1. Front Screen

The layers of the touch screen on the front of the iPhone 4 are depicted in the image above. Our plan is to place an ultrathin semi-transparent solar cell on the glass substrate layer. This will allow for the solar energy to be absorbed while the phone is facing up toward the sky. Another benefit to this layer placement is that the LED from the phone will also produce energy for the solar cell so that the film will have power coming from both ways, but mostly from the sun. As a replacement for the glass substrate layer, we have decided to add new, innovative concentrated photovoltaic technology. This glass replacement is a new technology focused on diverging different energies and sending specific photons absorbed by the solar cell material.

2. Back Panel

The dimensions of the iPhone 4 are 110 mm high by 59 mm wide and 9.4 mm deep. For this is the case, we would have a solar cell with thin, high-efficiency, non-transparent characteristics to allow maximum solar energy absorption. The dimensions for this situation would be set at 100 mm by 50 mm to take over most of the phone’s back panel surface. This site would be the most efficient energy-absorbing cell of the two films used on this device. To increase efficiency, an ultrathin magnifying layer would also be used instead of a glass substrate to protect the solar cells and magnify photonic absorption.

Back Panel-InTechnologies.in
Back Panel


1. Solar Panel

Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. They use the concept of the photoelectric effect, emission when light falls on the solar panel. Solar panels are built of silicon cells, silicon has an atomic number of 14. When light falls on silicon cells, many external electrons in silicon i.e. two electrons set to motion. This is just the beginning of the electrical flow.

2. Batteries

The lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery. During discharging lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode, during we charging lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode. Electrolyte provides the conductive medium for the lithium ions to move from positive electrodes to the negative electrodes.

3. Transmitter

Transmitter Circuit is shown in the above fig.2, in the transmitter part, as earlier wind the copper wire 15 times first, then leave a loop hanging after 15 turns so we can connect the wire at this point. And then wind another 15 turns to make a complete 30 turns coil. Because we are applying DC voltage, electrical and magnetic fields are perpendicular to each other the whole magnetic field is at the canter of the coil (the primary coil is canter-tapped), and this generated magnetic field induces voltage/current across the secondary coil. Now add the Z44 MOSFET to the transmitter circuit as shown. 

4. Receiver

The receiver Circuit is as shown in the above fig.3 at the Receiver side wind copper wire 30 times around any round object like the bottle. Make the rectifier circuit as shown in the circuit diagram. A rectifier circuit consists of 4 diodes and one capacitor. The current generated in the coil will be the Alternating Current (AC). But mobile phones charge on the Direct Current (DC), so we need a rectifier circuit to convert that AC to DC current. Add a 5V Voltage Regulator (LM7805) after the rectifier circuit because mobile phones use the 5V DC current. The receiver coil has dimensions 12.9*15*13 cm.

Photovoltaic Cell

The term “photovoltaic” comes from the Greek (photo) which means light and the voltaic, which means electric, from the name of the Italian physicist “VOLTA “after whom a unit of the electro-motive force, the volt is named. The sun is a star made up of hydrogen and will be helium gas and it radiates an enormous amount of energy every thinks second. A photovoltaic is an electrical device that is will convert the energy of the light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic is the field of technology and research related to the practical application of photovoltaic cells in producing electricity from will be light, though it is often used as well as the species to refer to the generation of electricity from the sunlight.

Solar Cell-InTechnologies.in
Solar Cell

Solar Panel

The solar panel is a set of solar photovoltaic will be modules electrically connected and are being mounted on the supporting can be structure. The photovoltaic module is the packaged, connected assembly of the solar cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic can be a system to generate and supply the electricity in commercial and will be residential applications. A photovoltaic can be system typically includes a panel or an array of solar systems modules, an inverter, and sometimes a battery and or the solar tracker and the interconnection wiring. Photovoltaic cells or to be panels are only one way of generating electricity from solar energy. They are not the most efficient, but they are the most convents to use on a small to can medium scale.

Solar Panel-InTechnologies.in
Solar Panel


In almost all countries mobile phones are the most popular form of we are communicating. The number of mobile users can be will surpass 7.6 billion this year (2018) and the number is will be the growth as the technology is getting better and the cost of production also lowers. However, it becomes very inconvenient for the person occupied with work or traveling long distances as the average lifetime of a mobile phone battery is will be less than 10 hours. Solar phone chargers use are small solar panels to absorb light. This process will still force customers to carry another device along with their cell phones. 

And as also the proposed all-system, solar-powered charger (SPC) plays and as important role in as well as mobile charging during will be traveling. The sun is the ultimate power source and is as will be solar energy is a renewable energy source. The solar-powered charger (SPC) is as will be eco-friendly and user-friendly. The solar panel used is 10v as the rating.

Lithium Battery

A typical can be Li-ion battery cell contains three main parts: a negative electrode, a separator, and a positive electrode, as well as shown in Figure. All three components will be immersed in the electrolyte solution composed of a lithium salt and can be the organic solvent such as LiPF6, LiBF4, or LiClO4. The negative electrode is connected to the negative can be terminal of the cell and will usually contain graphite. The as well as the positive electrode is connected to the positive terminal of the cell and is a metal oxide or a blend of several metal oxides such as well as LixMn2O4 and can be LixCoO2.

Future Scope and Application

Solar energy can only be harnessed when it is as well as daytime and sunny. To overcome this, solar panels can be coupled with a backup battery which can store excess power generated during the day and use it to provide energy to the system in the absence of sunlight. The large size of the solar panel makes the device bulky and will be non-portable. The solar panel should be fabricated to the cover entire device, which can effectively reduce the size of the entire device.


  • Cost Effective: Compared to the other mobile chargers, solar chargers are cost-effective as it absorbs power from the sun. It does not require electric power.
  • Versatile: It is also known to be versatile as well as it can be used for all types of mobile phones.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: One of the greatest advantages of solar mobile phone chargers is that they can be used to charge mobiles even during power outages.
  • Emergency Purposes: Another benefit that is hardly requires anything electrical outlet. It can, therefore, be used all the during emergencies and outdoors as well as for purposes.


  • Quite expensive: One of them as the most important drawbacks is its price compared to ordinary mobile phone chargers, it is quite expensive as well as it utilizes solar energy captivators.
  • Charging time large: Another can be a significant drawback is the time frame required by the chargers to charge mobile phones. It can take six to eight hours to charge mobile phones compared to others.


  • For low-power portable electronics, like calculators or small fans, a photovoltaic array may be a reasonable energy source rather than a battery.
  •  In other situations, such as solar battery chargers, watches, and as flashlights photovoltaic array is used to generate electricity that is stored in batteries for later use.
  • By using over-voltage protection circuit we can protect our battery from overcharging. The charge-discharge control circuit contains a two-way Switch. It gets active when the voltage exceeds above threshold voltage level.

How are Solar Panels Made

Solar energy has long been grabbing the attention of scientists and researchers as a true alternate solution to fossil fuel energy. Noticing the enormous abundance of sunlight available to us as a blessing from the sun, it is not unusual to wish to tap this energy which has been there since the beginning of time and the use it drives our engines and homes.

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