Top 20 Free File Sharing Sites For Online Storage

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Online file sharing alternatives, a concept where you can continue your practices by providing access to digitally stored information to others.

In this digital age we started spending more time on computer rather than in field so our work have two options to be processed i.e. email and online file storage. Email service provides enough storage and encryption facility to our documents but the attachment limitation does not allow meeting anything more than 100MB.

Online File Sharing needs was increased due to less email attachment sizes and secured storage. File such as PSD and .AI are very large in sizes and therefore they can not be sent  over email.

Web hosting account enable us to upload files as big as offered space but if anyone knows direct path of file he/she can access easily without any restriction. Online File Sharing Alternatives are free to use and gives a better option of saving and sending large file securely.

Here we are sharing best Online File Sharing Alternatives where you can share files with friend and peer on Internet.

1. Yousendit

2. DivShare

3. MediaFire

4. 4shared

5. Sendspace

6. Box

7. Dropbox


9. Adrive

10. Sendthisfile

11. Pando

12. Transferbigfiles

13. Dropsend

14. Mail Big File

15. Senduit

16. Driveway

17. Streamfile

18. Wikisend

19. Bigupload

20. Files2u

Let us know if you are using any other service other then these, we would love your participation in the comment section below.

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