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We have more than 500 (Java MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Quiz) Java questions and answers. Which includes at least 100 Java topics. If you have to crack Java very well, or take online test, or prepare for a Java interview, or do the certification, then you practice Java question and answer here, surely you can in a few months Be prepared to learn and assimilate Java on a large scale.


Java MCQ Questions And Answers

10 questions in 10 minutes. Click on the "Start" button below then start your Java MCQ Questions And Answers test.

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Which package contains the Random class?

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Which of the following is an immediate subclass of the Panel class?

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Which of the following is not provided by BigDecimal?

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In which process, a local variable has the same name as one of the instance variables?

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What is the limitation of toString() method of BigDecimal?

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BigDecimal is a part of which package?

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Which keyword is used for accessing the features of a package?

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Which of the below data type doesn’t support overloaded methods for +,-,* and /?

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Which of the following is true about the anonymous inner class?

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What is the use of \w in regex?

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