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Keyskills : Java, Spring, AWS, SQL, Hibernate

Dear Candidate_Name,

Greetings from Your_Company_Name

We found your candidature very impressive for our current opportunity in Java. Assuming your candidature could be a great fit particularly given your solid experience.

We would like to welcome you for this opening to get acquainted and create an opportunity with our professional team.

Position: System Analyst

Job Description:

A System Analyst must be able to identify, understand and evaluate software solutions. He/ she is expected to participate and lead the architecture design of software systems and applications. Act as high-level decision maker in determining aspects from design choices to technical standards, such as platforms and coding standards. A System Analyst is expected to be the technical leader of applications and direct and manage overall software development quality throughout the SDLC.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Understand project needs and participate in defining system specifications from a technical standpoint.
  • Research upon available products to decide if they will be suitable for the project rather than building a completely new system from scratch.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate software or hardware based on cost benefit analysis and suggest integration methods.
  • Discussing plans for the structure of the system with the client.
  • Plan and design the structure of a technology solution.
  • Create industry standard technical documents including but not limited to Technical Design Documents, Functional Requirement Specifications etc.
  • Communicate system requirements to software development teams and oversee the progress and quality standards.
  • Work with designers and developers to explain the structure and assist them throughout the development and integration life cycle of the application.
  • Conduct code reviews and time to time code refactoring, and provide guidance to team members on technical quality and maintaining standards.
  • Ensure the correct implementation of agreed architecture and infrastructure.
  • Monitor systems to ensure they meet both user needs and business goals. And ensure the quality of the project.
  • Ensuring that systems are working properly by carrying out testing procedures.
  • Ensuring that systems satisfy quality standards and procedures.
  • Advising the client on managing future IT needs.

Technical Skills & Experience:

  • Good understanding of operating systems principles, software architectures, software algorithms and software engineering principles.
  • Familiarity with various operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS).
  • Hands-on working experience on multiple servers – Apache Web server/ Nginx/ Tomcat/ Microsoft IIS.
  • Proficient in server side languages (Java/ .NET) and strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. Strong Java experience is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Standard Web Designing Structure using HTML 5/ CSS 3/ LESS/ SCSS.
  • Hands-on experience on frontend technologies – Javascript/ jQuery/ Angular/ React Js/ Bootstrap.
  • Strong knowledge of databases (MySQL/ Oracle/ MSSQL) and experience in designing scalable databases.
  • Understanding of database concepts like Transactions (ACID), Master-Slave Replication, Database sharding, Database Security & Optimization Techniques.
  • Working experience on Non-RDBMS (NoSQL/ MongoDB/ DynamoDB/ CouchDB)
  • Knowledge of System Architecture Designing (UML/ Class Diagrams/ Monolithic/ Microservices Architecture).
  • Proficient in Distributed computing, and Design patterns.
  • Expertise on at least one Cloud Platform – AWS/ GCP/ Microsoft Azure.
  • Good understanding of Application Performance Techniques (Elasticsearch/ Redis/ Memcache)
  • Good understanding of Application Security – Encryption-Decryption of data at rest/ transit, Application & Network Security protocols
  • Strong understanding of API Development Practices – RESTful API/ HTTP Verbs/ Routing/ Versioning/ API Documentation/ Postman/ Swagger/ Test Driven Development
  • Good understanding of DevOps – Docker/ Vagrant/ Version control/ GIT (GITLAB/ GITHUB/ BITBUCKET)/ Code Integration/ Code Deployment Tools, Jenkins.
  • Knowledge of Payment Gateway Integrations – Paypal/ Braintree/ Stripe/ Google Pay, etc
  • Good to have knowledge of Google Maps API/ Firebase/ Web Sockets/ Sonarlint.

Other Skills and Experience:

  • At least 7 years of real-world system architecture design, planning and execution experience.
  • Be able to support the full code review and release management for multi-channel applications.
  • Strong in communicating with multiple stakeholders with clarity and communication objectives and style.
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities and analytical skills.
  • Natural inclination towards Root Cause analysis and strong understanding RCA techniques that can be implemented in software applications.
  • Result-oriented, reliable and able to deliver amidst pressure circumstances.

Company profile:

Your_Company_Name is a global software development company headquartered in City_Name with offices in the Country_Name and 2 India based delivery centers. Your_Company_Name provides scalable, reliable and affordable eCommerce, Digital Transformation and Software Product Engineering to clients worldwide. Established in Established_Years, our flexible delivery approaches and experienced consultants enable us to become the technology partner of choice for our clients across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US.

Kindly acknowledge this mail with your acceptance for this opportunity.

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