How to Make a 9W Beta DOB LED Bulb: A Guide for Non-Warranty B22 Bulbs

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These (9W Beta DOB LED Bulb – Non Warranty | B22 9-Watt Beta DOB LED Bulb (Cool Day Light) – Non Warranty) used in Toilets, Bathroom, 10 ft. X 10 ft. Small Room, Galleries, etc. Guide Only:
(1). Light output may not be comparable.
(2). LED life under standard operating condition.

B22 9-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light) – Non Warranty

Product Details:

1Generic Name :-LED Bulb B22
2Operating Voltage :-220V-240V
3Input Voltage :-140v-270v ac
4Lighting Type :-PP Series LED Bulb
5Base Type :-B22
6Power Consumption Wattage :-9W
7Lighting Color :-Cool Daylight
8Luminous(Lighting) Efficiency :->70lm/W
9Input Frequency :-50 HZ
10CRI :->80
11Power Factor :->0.90
12Color Temperature :-3000K-6500K
13Body Material :-Plastic
14Dimensions LxWxH :-5.5 × 5.5 × 10 cm


1Energy Savings
2Zero Mercury(Hg) Product
3Indoor use only
4Instant Bright Light
5Non Dimmable
6Eye Friendly
7No UV Effect


1Proud to be a Made in India Product
2Power Saving
3ECO Friendly
4Instant Start
5Corrosion Resistance
6Easy Installation

9 Watts Beta DOB LED Bulb Raw Materials

  • 57mm PP. Inserted Housing (Tikki, Diffuser, Housing)
  • 9 Watts DOB MCPCB
  • B22 Cap With Wire
  • 2 Screw
  • Solder Wire
  • Heat Sink Compound
  • Packaging Box

Those who have good knowledge of electronics/electrical should do this article practically, otherwise this practical can be dangerous for you.

How to Make 9 Watt’s Beta DOB LED Bulb

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