6 Best WordPress Plugins To Build A Popular Social Media Profiles

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Social media – there is no alternate to advertise your service, product on internet. Professionals are using social media to spread their individual identity, to engage targeted people and to connect with their friend, family along with some fun. Candidly no one can deny the importance of this openly fresh channel.

If some of you people are thinking built a website or blog or may be you have already started a blog, WordPress will be the best suitable content management system just because it provides pretty healthy ecosystem for web developers.

So if you are looking to design your web work easily, minimalistic and become socially popular then the selection of right plugins is equally sustainable to make your article popular together with social bookmarking.

I am listing seven best suited WordPress plugins for web developers which can make your social media profile more professional.

1. CommentLuv

With the help of Comment Luv plugin, your commentators will get a backlink to their blog’s latest article. This latest post is retrieved by the blog’s URL which the commentator puts into the URL field while commenting.

2. Add To Any

Add to any plugin allow to associate around 100 social networking and bookmarking websites in a stylish nutshell drop down list. User holds the power to modify the list according to top rated sites which encourage users to bookmark any of your particular article in currently using web browser.

3. Sociable

Sociable is one of the impressive way to incorporate social media sharing option for blog readers along with 99 various social media and bookmarking websites. The right selection of sharing sites helps your readers to add their favorites with a single click.

4. WP Wall

WP Wall is for those who wants to connect their Facebook account with WordPress. It also provides facility to leave public message on your blog or website which is not to be relevant to particular article.

5. Tweetable Twitter

Tweetable Twitter allows user to adjoin your Twitter account with you WordPress blog.

6. Google Buzz Buttons

Google Buzz is newly launched social networking and messaging tool presented by Google itself. This is pretty cool way to start chit chat and transfer you views, thoughts, links etc at Google readers end. Your updated text also roots direct to those who are connected with your Buzz profile.

If you don’t find you favorite plugin in this list please fell free to leave feedback in the comment section below.


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