How To Make 5W IC Driver LED Bulb – 2 Year Warranty | B22 5-Watt IC Driver LED Bulb (Cool Day Light) – Two Year Warranty

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Use best grade material in assembling this scope of this Bulbs. These (5W IC Driver LED Bulb – 2 Year Warranty | B22 5-Watt IC Driver LED Bulb (Cool Day Light) – Two Year Warranty) used in Hotels, Bars, Corridor, Shopping Malls,Toilets, Bathroom, Restaurants, Museums, Galleries, etc.

Product Details:

1Generic NameEnergy Saver B22
2Operating Voltage220V-240V
3Input Voltage140v-270v ac
4Lighting TypeLED
5Base TypeB22
6Power Consumption Wattage5W
7Lighting ColorCool Daylight
8Luminous(Lighting) Efficiency>110lm/W
9Input Frequency50 HZ
11Power Factor>0.90
12Color Temperature6500K
13Body MaterialPVC with Aluminium Insert
14Dimensions LxWxH5.5 × 5.5 × 10 cm


1Ultra Bright
2Energy Savings
3Long Life
4Zero Mercury(Hg) Product
5Indoor use only
6Instant Bright Light
7Non Dimmable
8Eye Friendly
9No UV Effect


1Proud to be a Made in India Product
2Power Saving
3ECO Friendly
4Instant Start
5Long and Durable LED Life
6Corrosion Resistance
7Easy Installation

5 Watts IC Driver LED Bulb Raw Materials

  • 180 Degree 57mm PVC with Aluminium Insert (Aluminium Tikki, Diffuser, Housing)
  • 5 Watts MCPCB
  • 5 Watts IC Driver
  • B22 Cap Nickel Without Wire
  • 2 Screw
  • Solder Wire
  • Heat Sink Compound
  • Packaging Box

Those who have good knowledge of electronics/electrical should do this article practically, otherwise this practical can be dangerous for you.

How to Make 5 Watt’s IC Driver LED Bulb

Use a punching machine
to fit the B22 cap
onto the housing

Insert the Driver into the Housing

Fix Tikki On
Housing Using
Tikki Fitting Machine.

Fit MCPCB On Tikki By Applying
Heat Sink Compound Pest

Add Screws For MCPCB

Red Wire Soldering
On The Given
Plus (+) Symbol On MCPCB
And Black Wire Soldering
On The Minus (-) Symbol

Soldering To B22 Cap Eye

Diffuser Fit On Housing

Test The Ready LED Bulb

Watch 9 Watts LED Bulb Making Process Video on InTechnologies YouTube Channel

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