10 Best Websites To Sell Your Photos Online

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Making Money Online is one of the favorite topics you will see on Internet and many websites are being using this technique to earn money.

From many ways of making money online there is one way which is pretty easy and you can earn a handsome amount of money from it. Photography can be a hobby and some people like to click pictures for memory purpose.

In this post I have selected 10 Best Websites To Sell your photos online. For simplicity I have made two things clear for all the websites, i.e Step to sell images & How will I get money after selling out photos.

1.) Fotolia – PR 7

Fotolia provides a unique platform for individuals and professionals to sell photographs anywhere throughout the world and buyers can take royalty free images and use it number of times without hiccups. The contributories can apprehend money on commission base mode which starts from 33% to 64% on each photo to be sold. Fotolia having perfect balance of low-priced images and big revenue to photographers

Step to sell images

1.) Log in to account and click on “My files”
2.) Choose an uploading method (Simple upload, Upload via Flash, or FTP)
3.) Go to “My files” segment of your account and select the root to upload file.
4.) Once uploading is completed than user needs to press on edit button to create a title, add keywords, select categories and obviously pick up contract and pricing options.

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

Once image is sold out the money will be added in contributor’s Fotolia account. The minimum withdrawal level of money is 50 credits. Credits convert into money via Paypal or Moneybookers.

2.) iStockPhoto – PR 7

iStockPhoto is a worldwide online social community place for artists and designers where they can find royalty free stock images to Buy stock/sell stock — or both. The contributor will receives minimum 20% share of profit for their work piece. Exclusive iStock artist program allow seller to make money up to 40% of each download.

Step to sell images

1.) Join free,
2.) Go to apply section to select work type which need to be sold i.e. photos, illustrations, video, audio or Flash,
3.) Submit 3 samples of your art.

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

1.) Over $100 is the limit on what you can request for pay out,
2.) iStockPhoto offers withdrawal facility for money through Check, PayPal or Moneybookers but usually iStockphoto transfer through check system which is payable to the name and address listed in users account.

3.) ShutterStock – PR 6

ShutterStock promises to provide largest stock market place on web for passionate photo lovers. Here users are free to sell or buy royalty-free photographs. ShutterStock offers 0.25 USD commission on per image downloaded. There is also a quit interesting way to earn money- if you refer ShutterStock to other submitters then you will be get at least 0.03 USD pay out in your account.

Step to sell images

1.) Sign in to ShutterStock
2.) Upload Government Issued ID or credit card information to prevent fraud
3.) Submit up to 100 images batches and 25 clips for footage with good quality material to reduce chances of photo rejection

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

The commission will transfer via PayPal or Moneybookers or payment through check system can also be performed if needed. $75 is minimum payout within a month but you cannot withdraw more than $2,000 at a time. Referral program of ShutterStock brings another way to earn by just referring this site to other contributes.

4.) BigStock – PR 6

BigStock is one the highest ranked and popular market place to sell your artwork and others can demand to buy your artistic work (Photos). Buyer can find this place better to download high quality photos. The major goal of BigStock is to empower those who are not enough to absorb big money, in place it repays you few bucks of cash.

Step to sell images

1) Sign Up free to begin Bigstock account
2) Upload Your photos

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

1) Cash out at least 50 cents for each single credit, a customer can also contributes up to $3 on per download for your image.
2) On $50 seller can request to cash out money.

5.) 123RF – PR6

123RF is one the coolest place to find ultimate and stunning stock of photos. Users can get huge stock of photos by just paying limited amount of money. Every member is allow to legally buy and share stock images.

Step to sell images

1.) Join 123RF free
2.) Start uploading you artwork

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

Click on earning to see you contributory amount of money. Users get paid around 15% on sold item by just referring others to subscribe 123RF. 123RF also brings money for you on each download by someone in case you referred your known people to them.

6.) ClusterShot – PR5

ClusterShot is exclusive market place for selling and buying photographs or your artwork. At the other hand its just like a popular online auction site dedicated for pictures or illustrations. No charges are applicable for anyone who wants to become member of ClusterShot. One of the impressive things about this website is that-people are allowed to submit as many as awful photograph. Image quality, focus, size of image etc. doesn’t interrupt you in posting photograph. Website also provides a tool that can merges with Flicker images, give the way to submit your whole artwork for scrutiny.

Step to sell images

1.) Create an account in ClusterShot,
2.) Fetch your artwork to upload,
3.) Set pricing and allow others to get you paid

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

1.) Buyer will reach to ClusterShot through PayPal
2.) Cluster Shote manage 12% commission of your sell
3.) $100 minimum limit to request for money withdrawal

If case of any failure ClusterShot allow buyers to reach directly at your place and delivers monthly invoice to you. ClusterShot takes out fixed share of your sold photos via Paypal.

7.) SnapeVillage/Veer – PR6

SnapeVillage has been moved to freshly launched Veer marketplace. Veer performs entire graphic essential feature to do skilled imaginative work such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. People find it as a better and common place to collect good quality images. They shares illustrations for sale and interested people can move to buy any of artistic and unique work.

Step to sell images

1.) Submitter Sign Up for free Membership
2.) Get access of Workspace page and upload 10 best and unique artwork for review.
3.) Wait for approval and move on to step 4 otherwise come again on step 2.
4.) Click on link in your confirmation e-mail
5.) Select payment gateway and tax information.

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

Veer provides money transfer to contributor through PayPal or Payoneer account. The Payoneer is useful for those people who lives outside of North America so be carefully while you filling the registration form. User can take few more weeks to complete sign up form and get Veer branded Payoneer debit-Mastercard.

Will I be paid?

Contributor must have to exceed $100 minimum payout limit to cash credits. In case if you not able to collect 100$ throughout the year veer will automatically send off your share of profit. You will be paid 15 days following the month if royalties exceeded $100.

8.) Alamy – PR6

Alamy has been captured most of the inclusive online stock photograph market for commercial purpose around the world. Photo lover can submit their memories and artwork, world will be 100% secure. Buyer can find quickly as many as images they are looking for. Submitter will receives 60% on each sale.

Step to sell images

1.) Register you account
2.) Prepare photograph according to submission guideline
3.) Upload your artistic work
4.) You will be informed about your image
5.) Managing your images
6.) Start getting paid

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

Alamy pays as the month get starts if your debit balances over $250. Select your method of getting paid via paypal or check but you have to fill up complete payment and tax information.

9.) PhotoShelter – PR 6

Photshelter has branches all over the world to bring power to photo lovers and high quality images seeker. Passionate photographer can built a highly skillful PhotoShelter website in less then five minutes. PhotoShelter offers to submit exclusive artwork or illustration and buyer can paid them for their work over the same platform.

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

Member can set number of pricing profiles as per need and allowed to put into use on single image or whole photo gallery. PhotoShelter permits two ways where customers pays money to contributor, one is PayPal and another is Merchant Account where you manage Netbilling gateway account to receive money directly. No minimum pay out limit is there and they take only 10% of your sold item.

10.) CreStock – PR 5

Crestock influence to offer a common place for photo submitters and buyers. People will find hear a extraordinary market place to artwork and illustrations. Members are allowed to share their images and other photo curious users can paid according to work without any interruption.

Step to sell images

1.) Sign Up for free membership
2.) Start submitting photograph
3.) Wait till evaluation has been over.

How will I get money after selling out my photos on Website?

If your hits reaches on 100th number they will pay 30% share of profit that company earns.

I hope you have liked the post, we would to love hear if you have any other sites that allows you to sell there photos online.

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